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What is Coastal Coworking?

As a freelancer, self employed, or remote individual we work alone quite a bit. But we are entrepreneurs for a reason, right? We like the independence and creativity. But, It has its pros and cons. Crowded coffee shops get tiring, our home office walls get dull, and the gold fish on our desk doesn’t brainstorm with us like people do. We know what it’s like, and we believe there are many of us in Ventura wishing we had a coworking space and community.

Pick a membership and be apart of Coastal Coworking, a inspiring space for you to be your most productive self, and a rad group of people who care about each other.


1. Making a positive difference

2. Community

3. Pursuing a healthy lifestyle

4. Enjoying life


About Us

Kyle and Ceci got married on the shores of Surfers Knoll, Ventura in 2013. Since then they’ve lived in a few different locations such as Oklahoma, their vintage trailer traveling the country and now Ventura!

Kyle was born and raised in Oklahoma and is a Professional Civil Engineer. He probably built what you’re sitting on in the coworking space.

Ceci was born and raised in Southern California and is a self-published author and freelance creative. You’ll see her around the coworking space most of the time.